Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites - Toile de Nantes

In this post - Toile de Nantes by Pierre Frey

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I have been thinking about wallpapering a few rooms in my house and I cannot get the Toile de Nantes by Pierre Frey out of my head! 
John Fowler and Nancy Lancaster

I want to use the pattern either as a fabric on a chair or curtains or as wallpaper! I cannot decide!

What appeals to me about this wallpaper is that it is based off of an 18th century design that originated in Nantes, France!

I love that it seems new and refreshing in the ikat pattern, but there is something very timeless about it.
Alex Hitz

Sarah Bartholomew has a love affair with the pattern as well.
Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew

Aerin Lauder

It seems the blue color way, Bleu Ancien, is favored by the designers.

 This is the Rose Ancien. I love it in this color too - in fact I would consider putting this in my office!
Beverly Field (Veranda)

It seems it did come in two other color ways as well but I cannot find the names of them!

I have some color ways of Toile de Nantes below and some similar copycat patterns I found in my search.

Pierre Frey

Kirtan Stripe by Lee Jofa


Pierre Frey

Do you love toile de nantes as much as I do?

I have decided to return to Friday Favorites as opposed to "5 on Friday"... you may have noticed that I was sticking to one topic over the past few weeks, with last week as an exception. 

I used to post "Friday Favorites" but then I switched to 5 on Friday a year ago... now I'm switching back.
I have to change things up a bit for my sake! 



  1. Beautiful! It's basically a repetitive, geometric pattern. But it has an organic feel to it because of the curvy, fuzzy lines. I think it gives a sophisticated feeling to any space.


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