Friday, February 10, 2017

A French Chateau, Neato Botvac Review, Bouchon and More - Five on Friday

Bouchon Bakery
About two weeks ago we went to Bouchon Bakery in Yountville in the Napa Valley.  I thought I would share a few pics I snapped.  
*to die for Pain d'Epi bread*
Their bread is seriously THE BEST I have had outside of Paris.

*sipping a yummy salted caramel latte*

*First time I had a Paris Brest and I LOOOOOOOOOVED it.*

A peak at some chocolates at Dean & Deluca...

A French Country Chateau for Sale
I regularly follow Sharon Santoni's blog, My French Country Home, and I just had to share this 18th century property she featured that is for sale.  Isn't it lovely? For some reason not all of her pictures load, but the few that do are fantastic!

Neato Botvac Review
We have had our Neato Botvac for just over 1 month and I feel like that is a long enough trial period where I can give it a proper review.

The Neato Botvac is a robot vacuum, just like the original Roomba, however per other reviews that I read, it has more suction power than the Roomba.  
It has a square shape on one side which allows it to clean corners better than the Roomba. 

It cleans while you are not home
It cleans when you are home and you can do other things and not vacuum!!
It goes under furniture that the regular vacuum does not routinely get to
GREAT for those with pets - as it goes under the furniture (where the pets hang out) it picks up tons of fur/hair!
It can be programmed to run when you are not home, it can spot clean a certain area, or you can just pick it up and place it in a room and will clean the room!
It isn't TOO loud as far as vacuums go.
Good size dirt catcher

It is not good at picking up sand/cat litter
It can get stuck on the thick rugs or sometimes under furniture (like under the bed)
battery life has been about 2 hours - depending on the size of your house it may not be able to clean the whole house on one charge.

It does lightly tap the furniture.  It comes with a magnet strip which allows you to block off a certain area if you don't want it to hit your antique furniture or if you don't want it to go into a certain room.

We got ours on sale for $400 and I think it was well spent! We bought this model. I had pretty much no expectations of it as I had never had a botvac before, but I really love it.  
Our house is much cleaner than it used to be and I learned our little Chloe cat sheds way more than I previously thought! 
I also love the lines it makes in the carpet... looks like a professional cleaned it!
We named our vacuum Rover. Felt like it deserved a name given how much work it does for me!

From the Blog
Did you miss the little macaron tower tutorial I shared? 

Andddd I don't have a FIVE today. 
Oh wait, I know.
I'm sick of the RAIN! I moved to California to get away from the rain of the Northwest!

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