Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner Plate Selections!

My Christmas China post from several years ago continues to be very popular, so I thought I would do a Thanksgiving china round-up this year!
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Thanksgiving Dinner Plate and China Round Up!

#1 - Juliska Forest Walk Leaf Plates aren't they cute??
#2 - Herend Rust Bouquet Dinner Plate - a classic style
#3 - Harvest Dinner Plate - add some color to your table!
#4 - "Oro Bello" Dinner Plates, I love the gold trim here!
#5 - Glen Lodge  I just love the tartan pattern, don't you??
#7 - Gilded Woods  - these a more simple and are perfect for more contemporary settings!
#8 - Juliska Forest Walk Dinner Plate, these were inspired by a walk in the woods, really! The owner's children went for a walk in the woods and like to pick up things along the way and this is what they found!
#9 - Spode Woodland Bird Dinner Plates. I just love the Woodland Spode for Thanksgiving and this is what I use too!
#11 - Plymouth Pumpkin Dinner Plates, Set of 4 these are pretty cute!
#14 - Squirrel Plates  are pretty dang cute, aren't they???
Did you find some Thanksgiving china that you liked? What pattern do you use? Do you break out the fancy formal wear???

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This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. Spode woodland is my favorite. I particularly like the wildlife plates! Great post.

  2. I like almost all of these. I was just looking at plates on Neiman Marcus this morning. Like minds. Ha ha sheila

    1. ha! Funny, well Halloween goes away and we immediately turn to the next Holiday!! Did you find some plates you liked at NM?

  3. They are all lovely. I especially love the Forest Walk Dinner Plates. Bring on the turkey!

  4. I love the Forest Walk Leaf plates! I could see myself using them a lot!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  5. I use similar plates to the 313 turkey toile plates
    mine are brown and white then some are the same plate in colors
    I also will use my green leaf plates this year as side dishes which are magolia(mspelling?)

  6. Nice round-up! Thanks for sharing.


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