Building a French Farmhouse

Follow us as we build our dream house.

The style is what I call a California French Farmhouse.  Taking inspirations from Provence and adding modern touches and focusing on indoor/outdoor California living. 
A French farmhouse like Marie Antoinette's Hameau?? I wish.
Below are all of the posts I've written about building and designing the French Farmhouse!
Kitchen faucets, outdoor planters, and more...

I wrote about what to do about the tv and fireplace decorating dilemma.  This is how I ended up choosing the main design for my living room.

In this post I write specifically about French-style Windows.

 I have a two part series here of the different French style houses. Part One talks about the styles of houses in France. 

Part Two , below, talks about the French styles of houses we see here in America.

On Designing a Pool House ... struggling to come up with a design!
Patio and Pool

Thank you all for following me along on my journey of building my dream French house!  I have appreciated all of your input!