About Me

Peonies and Orange Blossoms is a blog about European-influenced interior design and decor, travel, and fashion.  Oh, did I mention I love French pastries?    
Clockwise, from right: Pink peonies in my tulipiere; pretty pink Degournay silk wallpaper; macarons from France; my husband and I bicycling in France; one of my favorite toile prints; a pretty collection of Mora clocks.
About The Blog
For the home decor aspect of the blog, I am inspired by French, Swedish, English and Belgian decorating.  We've moved out to the country and are working on building a house. We are going to be building a California French Farmhouse (that's what I'm calling the style!)  I hope you'll join along and share this wonderfully exciting (and daring!) journey with me!

I LOVE French pastries and write quite a few reviews about them as well as posting recipes.  I do have other recipes on the blog, but I tend to post French viennoiseries and patisseries the most!

I also love to travel and write about some of my trips from time to time.  Some of my most popular posts involve traveling to Europe, and more specifically, Paris. Travel posts are here.

My Five on Friday is a popular feature that happens every Friday.  I write about favorite internet articles, shopping, instagram, and personal tidbits.  I tend most to write about fashion in Friday Favorites, however I do occasionally have dedicated Fashion Posts!  I see fashion as part of your personal "exterior" decor!

I co-host the fabulous link party hosted by Katherine's Corner called Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!  I hope you will join me and link-up on Thursday Mornings at 6am PST when the party goes live!
I hope to inspire you in one way or another - either to head out to a new antique shop to find something old but new, try a new recipe, start a new decorating project, head to a new place you've never been, or wear a pair of shoes you never thought were you!     

I love French furniture, antiques,
setting a beautiful table,
pretty flowers, a fresh rain,
macarons, anything pink, 
peonies, oil paintings, English countryside,
smell of orange blossoms, lattes,
and mixing the old and the new.

About Me 

 I started this blog in the Summer of 2013 as a stress reliever.  I work weird hours in a hospital and have random days off.  I write the blog as a hobby, not as a job - I already have one of those!  I became obsessed with all things French when I went to Paris as a teenager and I dream of my return every time I leave.  I live in California and enjoy having a nearly year-round garden!  As for my picture - I took down my personal one as I felt weird having my face plastered all over the internet!  So, I made my own.

The picture is of Marie Antoinette. I added a cat that looks just like my Chloé cat with croquembouche cakes in the background.  This is how I like to think of myself.  "Let them eat cake!" Or something like that. (PS I don't really think I'm Queen of Versailles, but I am certainly Queen of my castle).  

Blog Name

I chose the name Peonies and Orange Blossoms for two simple reasons: peonies are my absolute favorite flower and I love the scent of orange blossoms!

A lot of my social media screen names are LePetit_Macaron.  Why is it a different name? Because Peonies & Orange Blossoms was too long to register! So I went with my next favorite thing, macarons! So I am the little macaron...

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The pictures with peoniesandorangeblossoms name/logo are my own.  You may reuse them, so long as you give me credit.  If I find them being used inappropriately, I will ask them to be removed.

the watercolor icons are from http://www.everylittlepolish.com/free-watercolour-social-media-icons/