Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Slice of France in California!

In this post: You don't have to move to France to have a slice of Normandy!
You can move to.... St. Malo in Oceanside, California!


It is a private community with all homes created in the French Normandy style!
In the 1920s an architect had an idea to create this little community.

Below, this house totally looks like it is in France! But it is not, my friends!
This little community has been somewhat of a secret - about only 80 homes are in the community and many have stayed within the same family for decades.

It is extremely private and basically it is difficult to get in - unless you know someone living there!

However, sometimes there are some beach house rentals... so if you go, sneak a picture or ten and share with us!

It was hard to find pictures! 
  It is modeled after Saint-Malo in France, a walled port city in Brittany.
Below is a picture of Saint Malo in France.

St. Malo in Oceanside, CA. It is nestled between a lagoon and the ocean.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of France... in America!


  1. Angela,
    Thanks for sharing this French-inspired community and the aerial view of St. Malo.


  2. Such beautiful homes! I know I would enjoy staying there to go to the beach if there were rentals. It is so unique to have a touch of France in America!

    1. I would enjoy it too!! It is unique to have a whole French inspired community planned out like this!


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