Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chinoiserie Wallpaper for Less

In this Post- Get the De Gournay and Gracie Wallpaper Look for Less!
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I love De Gournay and Gracie wallpaper - what's not to like about it?
design by Karol Banhart
What I don't love is the price.

I thought, there has got to be some cheaper alternatives that will get you the look for less...
so I went off on a hunt. 

And I found similar wallpapers! These get you the same look for less! I'm so excited!
I rounded them up here for you.

You are welcome. This was hours of research.

Of course, then you see, they are not *quite* the same as the original, are they?

Cheaper Chinoiserie wallpaper alternatives to Gracie and De Gournay! 

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