Sunday, April 30, 2017

Antique Porcelain Flowers

In this post: Antique Porcelain Flowers from Vincennes/Sevres and Meissen
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April showers bring May (porcelain) flowers!

Aren't they beautiful? 
Even if you aren't into antiques or porcelain, you can at least appreciate the beauty of these! They are all handmade and painted.

This exquisite piece sold at auction for nearly $150k! It is from the 1750s. 
Vincennes (now Sevres) was one of the first factories in France to make soft-paste porcelain. They specialized in making these beautiful flowers.

Below, sold at auction for $18,500.

Below, several beautiful clocks with flowers adorning them.
Don't you love this one with the animals? 
Buckinghamshire Antiques

Oh how I would love to have one of these, wouldn't you? 
 I love them all!
 Now, the Madame de Pompadour loved porcelain.  She is known to have purchased many porcelain flowers.

There is a story I read that she once received the king in a room full of porcelain flowers that emitted perfume! 
Who knows what is true from history and what is not, but let's just pretend.

The one below is Meissen.  
You know what though...

People are still making them today! They are so beautiful. Not as ornate as the antique ones, but I doubt these cost 20K!

Let us end by admiring the remarkable Sunflower Clock!
Yes, it is a clock but is so incredibly beautiful, if you have a few minutes of time I encourage you to watch this video about the restoration of it just so you can see how pretty these are close-up!

Like what ya see? I have a Porcelain board on Pinterest.

I also wrote a post here on French Royal Dinner Services.



  1. What stunning compositions, their flowers seem real!
    In Italy we had the far ancient manifacturing of Capodimonte (founded in the XVIIth c.) which made such masterpieces in the past especially with flowers compositions, but it's closed for years, alas !

    Thank you for sharing suchgor geousness with us, darling Angelina !

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your Sunday,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you

    XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

    1. oh yes of course, Capodimonte! I forgot about them, but they have such lovely pieces too!! There is an antique dealer here in town that has some and I just stare at it every time I go in because it is over my price range but it is so lovely!
      I am glad you enjoyed my post!! Have a great week!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen any pieces quite like these! A bit pricey . . . but, it's nice to admire the photos.

    1. I know, aren't the prices just jaw dropping outrageous! I couldn't believe it either, but they must be extra special given how much they go for at auction. I think I will stick to admiring them in photos or museums!

  3. Oh my... They are exquisite! Loved your post.

    1. Aren't they all lovely? Thank you, I am glad you liked the post!


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