Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This Year's Favorite Halloween Party Ideas

I've rounded up some of my favorite Halloween party tricks and treats for the year!

Aren't these Halloween cutouts fun?  Just cutout some spooky shapes on black paper and back light them in the window! I love this idea! Source is from flickr.
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This front porch is extra creepy with the dead branches and bats flying around. Source Town and Country Mag.

This wicked witches legs a la the Wizard of Oz are perfect for Halloween! The tutorial is by Grillo-Designs.

Speaking of witches, I love this entryway! This is pretty simple to copy, round up your black coats and buy some cheap witches hats, as for the brooms, you could make your own or find them for cheap!

I love these floating candles inspired by Harry Potter and the Great Hall at Hogwarts! How cool are they?? These are from HP Wish List.

 Little House on the Corner shared these free book cover printables! 
 These apothecary labels form Word Label are perfect for a party!

 I also love these floating witch's hat luminaries from Polka Dot chair!! Aren't they clever?

I like these spooky spider cookies from a Spicy Perspective

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