Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rustic Fall Centerpiece Decor with Owls

With every season I change the decor in the center of our ridiculously oversized kitchen island. I have to crawl on top the counter to place the owls in the center!  
I love decorating for Fall with my owls.  I have slowly added to the collection, but I think I am done collecting them.  I've had these pieces for years now.
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Rustic Fall decor with owls, Steiff bears, acorns, and candles

The wreath holder is up year round and I change the wreath as the seasons change. For Fall I have an acorn wreath which I love.  Below is a look at the entire centerpiece.  I have scattered mini Fall candle figurines, lit Fall leaf light strand, Steiff teddy bears and a nutcracker.  The pumpkins are from the garden.  The scent from a seasonal candle fills the room putting one in a Fall mood!
Rustic Fall decor with owls, Steiff bears, acorns, and candles
 I love this nutcracker and the sunflowers. Who says nutcrackers are for Christmas only? You can also see some of the little candle figurines better - pumpkins, owls, and a squirrel! 
Rustic Fall decor with a nutcracker
 A closer look at the owls and acorn wreath. As you may have noticed, photographing in this room is incredibly difficult with the lighting situation. It is so bright at the windows but dim in the kitchen.  I can't use natural light in the kitchen so all the pictures take on a yellow hue. 
Rustic Fall decor with owls
 Below are my little Steiff teddy bears. We have pumpkin bear who I've had for several years. This year I have a new bear who is carrying a maple leaf that is changing colors. He is really cute and is actually a yellow-orange-brown color just as in the picture.  And you may have noticed the odd color of the pumpkins... they are YELLOW!  Yes, really, it is not photoshop! They grew on our compost pile as volunteers. I have never seen yellow pumpkin before! We are thinking we are going to save the seeds and plant more next year just to see what happens! 
Rustic Fall decor with owls, Steiff bears, acorns, and candles
A last look at our Fall centerpiece and our unique yellow pumpkins. 
Rustic Fall decor with owls, Steiff bears, acorns, and candles
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my little Fall centerpiece for the kitchen!

And here I picked a few of my Fall favorites...

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  1. Angelina, your fall vignette is adorable. I love the idea of using nutcrackers for Fall! I also love that acorn wreath! I hope that you are having a wonderful week! Happy Fall!!!

    1. Thank you! Most people only associate nutcrackers with Christmas... but there are quite a few nutcrackers with designs for the rest of the year!

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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