Sunday, October 30, 2016

Restoration Hardware and Aidan Gray Copycat Chandeliers

Today's post is about Aidan Gray Chandeliers and the copycat versions that Restoration Hardware has! I first realized a similarity in my French Farmhouse Tour post!  I erroneously thought the chandelier was Aidan Gray, but I was informed by the designer that it was actually Restoration Hardware.  
As I am building a French farmhouse, I am extremely interested in lower cost copycats!  
Then, some months later, my mom was looking at another chandelieand noted it was almost exactly the same as the Aidan Gray one.  
Aidan Gray Copycat Chandeliers for Less by Restoration Hardware

So then I got to thinking, what other chandelier did Restoration Hardware (RH) copy?  I found several more!  
I noticed two of the big differences: Aidan Gray puts a fancier light bulb in its chandeliers. Additionally, the paint/texture is different from each company. But either way, you'll have to admit, they are very similar!

Example 1:
Restoration Hardware "Nataline" Chandelier (no longer produced).

Example 2:

Aidan Gray "Garden" Chandelier (affiliate link) $420

Example 3:

Edit: As someone mentioned in the comments and I forgot to include, Quorum's "Salento" line looks pretty close to the Aidan Gray lights.  They are not *quite* as copycat as the RH versions, but very similar indeed.  

example 4:

While I was on my little mission to find Aidan Gray copycats, I ran across the lantern below! WHOA! 
These two look IDENTICAL.  I couldn't figure out which one was which at first.  I wrote about the Darlana Lantern in this post, so I immediately recognized this design.  Visual Comfort also makes a Darlana Wall sconce, as below.

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  1. Oh I would take any one of these beauties. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Quorum's Salento collection is very similar to these and better priced than Aidan Gray and Restoration Hardware! I'm using several of them in the house we're building.

    1. Oh you are very right. I'll need to edit my post to include them!

    2. Ok, I have added a few of the most similar copycats! Thank you for reminding me! I actually am going to use one of these in my house; just totally forgot about them! haha!

  3. Angelina,
    I have been looking at light fixtures for my dining area and breakfast space. One that I am considering is the Quorum Salento, but need to measure my space again. It may be too big. Loved looking at all your comparisons between Aidan Gray and copycats. I would for you to share this at Monday Social #8