Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Table Decor using Natural Elements and Antiques

I had fun putting together this table for Fall!  I knew when I scored this antique paisley shawl at an estate sale this past Summer that I was going to use it for my Fall table! I like decorating with antiques and for Fall, I used natural elements - the pumpkins, corn, and wheat stalks!!
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The shawl is from around the 1850s and I got a really good deal on it! It is in great shape too!  I also knew I would use my antique dough bowl again this year, but I wanted the centerpiece to look different than last year... so I just decided to use white and the blue-gray Jarrah pumpkins.  
What I thought was interesting was that when I placed the blue-gray pumpkins in the dough bowl, the blue-gray in the paisley started to pop out of the pattern! The green stems also go with the green in the paisley!  
As you can see, I couldn't help myself and bought the little white Staub pumpkin cocottes.  I could not decide if I liked the white pumpkin in the center (above) or the orange one (Below). I flipped and flopped them for a long time. Still don't know what I like better! 
When I spotted this deep purple Indian corn at our local farmer's market (it is actually a farm stand I suppose as it is literally at the farm)... I knew I had to take it home with me!  I love how it goes with the purple goblets and purple linen napkins!!  The dried wheat stalks go with the dried corn!   
I know that using plaids and tartans are pretty popular right now for Fall tables - I thought about doing that but I don't have any Fall-colored tartans.  I haven't really seen any Fall tables using paisley, have you?  I love this look of the table from up above.
This antique paisley is so pretty! I can't believe how good of condition it is in considering how old it is!  When I was in Germany, I read an article about how Empress Josephine Bonaparte popularized the Kashmir paisley shawl in Western culture in the 1800s!  The paisley pattern means love.  It was quite expensive coming from Kashmir region and it was often gifted among the elite as a symbol of love.
Above, Empress Josephine Bonaparte in 1801 with a Kashmir Shawl.
Anyway, sorry for the distraction about the history of Paisley, I just thought it was interesting!  I love looking at the swirling pattern of the fabric and how the colors go with all of the natural elements on the table!  I confess, I actually don't really like the color orange.  But I do like this shawl a lot!  
I like the mixing of the old and the new.  Why should you put your antiques away when you can use them? This paisley shawl was sitting in the cedar chest, but it shouldn't hide there all year!  The "new" in this case are the pumpkins - only 100 days old instead of 100 years! 
You can recreate this look too.  A paisley fabric, a dough bowl (reproduction or antique!), pumpkins, corn, and dried wheat stalks!  

Here are my sources of what I know of...
Orange "Country Estate" plates - Juliska, discontinued.
Antique Dough bowl - similar here and here
Antique Kashmir shawl - similar here (I had no idea they were worth so much!! I paid, um, $15...)

And here are a few Fall favorites...

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  1. What a gorgeous kashmir shawl and you got such a good price for it. Your table is beautiful, love the dough bowl and those good lookibg pumpkins.... Christine

  2. That shawl is perfect for your table! They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  3. Absolutely stunning table! I love love love those purple goblets and your dough bowl. They are just wonderful. Thanks so much for joining the DI & DI Link Party.

    1. Thank you very much! I love the purple goblets too!!

  4. What a beautiful table! Love that huge dough bowl and the pumpkins. I've always liked the paisley pattern and it was interesting to read about it's history. You combined a beautiful arrangement with your dishes and stemware. Love it!


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