Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Velvet Corn

I *love* decorating with velvet pumpkins for Fall!  They are really quite photogenic and I love the beautiful jewel tone colors that they come in!  This year I was super excited to discover velvet corn! 
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Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall

Creating this Fall vignette was a little bit of an accident.  You see, I had an orchid in this old stone vase with Spanish moss and it died. So I was changing around my decor to find something to put in the vase when I noticed that the pumpkins looked pretty cute sitting next to the vase. So, I grabbed a few more and voila! 
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
You could easily recreate this look at home. Simply find an old vase, arrange your velvet pumpkins, and add a little bit of Spanish moss. It goes well with the orange of the pumpkin!
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
 I love the real dried stems on the pumpkins! I tried to pick the pumpkins with stems that were a little whimsical.  I also love the new corn with the Swarovski crystal kernels!  You can get the corn here and here.  I think it goes well with the pumpkins! 
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
I still remember the first time I saw velvet pumpkins... they were in a little shop in Portland, Oregon in 2008.  I thought, wow, this is special! I didn't know many years later they would be at Neiman Marcus!  You see, Hot Skwash is from Tigard, OR and I think the little shop was her first dealer.  Then it seemed came along Love Feast Shop online that is so popular with bloggers.  I don't know if they are the same company or not? They are very similar to each other.   Although, I noticed the Love Feast shop doesn't have velvet corn, so it makes me think they are different.  But they do both have velvet pumpkins, mushrooms, and acorns.   
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
As you can see, I have quite a few pumpkins but they are all really little.  The smaller ones are a lot cheaper than the large ones! Do you have any velvet pumpkins?  

Here are a few Fall favorites...

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  1. I love your velvet pumpkins, I have a few myself...I purchase a lot of nice ones at Joanns craft stores for a great price, the difference being the stems are faux, which is fine with me, I also have pink velvet ones with real stems , I purchase them in honor of breast awareness month for October.....I'm loving your velvet corns, I want to add some velvet mushrooms to my collection...


    1. Aren't velvet pumpkins great?? I love all of their vibrant colors!

  2. Velvet corn! How have I missed this!!! I need some ASAP. :)

  3. I hadn't seen the velvet corn! Too cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  4. So pretty, Angelina! I think I'm the only one who doesn't have velvet pumpkins - I need to get some!


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