Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Outdoor French Bistro Style for Less

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I saw this French bistro outdoor dining set and loved it!  I am on the look out for French outdoor tables and chairs since we are building a French Farmhouse.  For my outdoor furniture, I was debating between French farm table vs French bistro table.   As I have the French farmhouse table as my main dining table already, I was leaning towards the French bistro look outside.
French Bistro Outdoor Style

Ok, so anyway, back to the picture. I saw this picture in Williams-Sonoma Home magazine and fell in love!  I really like the all black bistro chairs.  But then I started adding up the individual elements and wow!! I thought, with a little searching I bet I could find the same look for less! Let's see...

WS Home Look:
WS Parisian Dining table $3495
Williams Sonoma chair $350
WS Greek Key Pillow  $79
WS Outdoor rug 6x9 $395
WS hurricane vase, $69
Outdoor 10' umbrella, $495
Total (with four chairs): $9033!!

Parisian Bistro Style Look:
Parisian Table, Deal $1395
Mini bistro table, Steal perfect for small yards! $129
French Bistro black and white $159 // chair number two $209 // all black wooden French bistro chair set of two $260
Steal Greek Key Pillow $34
Outdoor rug with pattern , 6x9 $133
Hurricane Vase, $29
Outdoor 9' umbrella, $110
Outdoor 7' umbrella ($79) for smaller yards
Total (with 4 of these chairs as I like them the best): $2306!

Parisian Bistro Outdoor Style for Less

The Look for Less is $6727 cheaper! WOW! I had no idea when I was making this that it was going to be that big of a difference!

For small yards, the mini bistro table, two chairs, and smaller umbrella the total cost is = $722, so the price difference from the magazine look is... $8311 cheaper.

Well, I had fun putting together this post! It goes to show that you can start with an inspiration photo and end with the look for a lot less!  I style like the all black chairs better though - nothing a little paint can't fix!

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  1. Great shopping! I always enjoy purchases more when I find deals than when I pay more than I'm comfortable with.

  2. Oh, I love that style. It's so elegant!

  3. Your new home is going to be so lovely. It's fun followitn this process with you. Love the furniture.

    1. I love this too... didn't buy any (yet) because I have no where to store it!

  4. Beautiful style! It really makes me want to work on our outside instead of avoiding it. Of course, I have red spiders to get rid of before we can enjoy....

  5. Just dragging out my porch furniture today as the weather is finally warm enough. I would love to invest in an outdoor rug, but I'm just hanging twinkly lights for now and calling it good.

  6. I love the outdoor furniture, very chic, great place for dinners in the summer evening time. Hugs Maria

  7. Oh my goodness! How gorgeous and what GREAT prices <3


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