Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ode to the Eden Rose

In my reader survey, most of you voted for posts about gardens and gardening... so voila! Let's chat about the Eden rose.
Information about the Eden Rose
 The Eden rose is also known as 'Pierre de Ronsard', named after the poet of the same name.  The rose was cultivated by Meilland International in 1985 in France.

Information about the Eden Rose

To be honest, I thought it was named the Eden Rose because it is so pretty I figured the cultivator imagined that this rose would be climbing up the gates to the Garden of Eden.
Information about the Eden Rose
The rose is a large old-rose type with beautiful cupped blooms of 100 petals.  It has a blend of pink, cream, and ivory reaching 4 1/2 inches!
Information about the Eden Rose
Due to the large flowers, the weight causes the rose to bow its heads. It has a light tart scent.
the rose is bowing its head here in this picture
It is a climbing rose that can reach up to 12' in height!    It is a repeat bloomer, which is perfect for my flower cutting needs!

It is very disease resistant, however, it is not extremely rain tolerant and buds that are near bloom will ball up and rot if it is rained on.

It is one of the finest climbers in all of the roses and is in the Rose Hall of Fame.

the first two roses in the picture are eden. The rest are other assorted garden roses
I'll leave you with the poem written by Pierre de Ronsard.  This poet was known as the "Prince of Poets" during the Renaissance.

The Rose
written 1550
See, Mignonne, hath not the Rose,
That this morning did unclose
Her purple mantle to the light,
Lost, before the day be dead,
The glory of her raiment red,
Her colour, bright as yours is bright?

Ah, Mignonne, in how few hours,
The petals of her purple flowers
All have faded, fallen, died;
Sad Nature, mother ruinous,
That seest thy fair child perish thus
‘Twixt matin song and even tide.

Hear me, my darling, speaking sooth,
Gather the fleet flower of your youth,
Take ye your pleasure at the best;
Be merry ere your beauty flit,
For length of days will tarnish it
Like roses that were loveliest. 

I just had to share this picture from Patina Farm.  Here is the eden rose climbing up a trellis with the goat in the background! 
source Patina Farm
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  1. Oh such wonderful roses - you have totally green thumbs! Lovely!

    1. I don't think I've ever been called a green thumb! Thanks!!!

  2. I am in love.
    I must have one!
    Now to track one down-
    Thank you for sharing at Thoughts of Home!

    1. I think you could order one online! They are so pretty!

  3. The Eden rose is breathtaking! I would love to have one too.

    At our very first house, I put in an antique rose garden. They smelled so wonderful!

    Happy Thoughts of Home.

  4. Angelina, I have a half circle of Pierre de Ronsard roses growing around the back of my Gazebo. They are currently only 6 inches high though! I can't wait for them to grow! Arent' they divine? I'd love you to share this post at my Five Star Frou-Frou linkup at A Tray of Bliss. Will you? Mimi xxx

  5. This post is inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing! Eden rose is a new one I have added to my gardens this year and have decided to plant it on the arbor that leads to our Secret Garden that is a pink and white garden. I didn't realize that Pierre de Ronsard was a poet. The poem you shared makes this rose more endearing!


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