Wednesday, December 9, 2015

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, such pleasure do you bring me!  I love our Christmas tree this year!! This year we got a *real* noble fir and it is wonderful!  It is also huge! I think it is 8 feet with like a 6 foot base!  I love how it smells!
I trimmed the tree with garland and tons of ornaments. For me, the more ornaments on a tree, the better.  I love just layers of ornaments... it creates a feast for the eyes!  Yes, I know the below picture is blurry but I'm sharing it anyway.

A look at a few ornaments... love this little church in the glass dome. Also to the right is part of my 12 days of Christmas santa ornaments...

 I love the candy cane ornament and new this year is this little moose ornament! Isn't he cute?
 A look at "the witches house" below... supposed to be like hansel and gretel. Along with a giant sparkly reindeer!
 Love this little mouse!
 This ornament contains our wedding cake topper, aren't they a cute little couple?
 The ornament I have the most of which brings some unity to the tree is this cute Juliska one below... I love the sparkle and the plaid ribbon!
A last look at the beautiful tree... I love the light from it at nighttime!


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