Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites!

grumpy cat on Monday and then on Friday! hee hee.
The zinnias in the garden have been blooming like mad for the past month. I shot a few pictures with my iPhone this week.  Aren't they so pretty?? I want to cut them and put them in my tulipiere but then I won't have any zinnias in the garden... so I've left them outside!

New oven & Baking
We got a new oven and new stove this week.  Our previous oven here sucked. It ranged in temperature from 250-350 degrees even though it was set at 300!  The old stove only cooked at hot and hotter... there was no "simmer".  This week my husband made a dutch baby pancake in our new cast iron pan in our new oven!  Doesn't it look delicious?

Now, can someone tell me, why are there 3 names for this pancake? Dutch baby. Swedish pancake. German pancake. Which one do you call it?
My new Favorite lotion
This here is my new favorite lotion: black honey by archipelago botanicals. It smells so heavenly!  I love it! Check it out here
Little French Bud Vases
Everytime I walk by the table and see this little bud vases I bought in Paris it reminds me of my trip over there this Spring.  Aren't they cute??  I wrote about my favorite places to shop in Paris this week, you can see that post here.  
Mango Black Tea Lemonade
I tried Starbucks mango black tea lemonade this week (with half the sweetener)... it was really good! It was really nice and refreshing!
Well, I saw this meme and thought it was kind of funny...
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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! Love those vases too!

  2. I think growing up my family always called it a German pancake, but now everywhere else I hear it called a Swedish pancake. Why so many names?! My fiance got the mango black tea lemonade this week and I tried it and it was so good!

    1. we called it the German pancake growing up, but my husband calls it a dutch baby and everywhere else seems to call it a Swedish pancake. Whatever, it tastes good!