Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spotted... Cute Christmas Stuff!

So while Christmas shopping this year... I spotted some awfully cute Christmas stuff!  You can see in my post here some other things that caught my eye....

How cute is this reindeer topiary?!?

Or this collection of topiaries? Of course it's from Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach.

 How cute is this display of new Christmas Juliska?

I have always wanted a canopy bed... I LOVE how they put greenery on the posts!

This was at Anthropologie...

These poinsettias were so beautiful.

Love this French chair with the ribbon and wreath!

This tree was very beautiful as well, it is on Main Street in Disneyland!

I could not believe how pretty the castle looked at night in Disneyland!

And this was on my drive around looking at Christmas lights.  Do you drive around looking at Christmas lights too?

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  1. I love all of your fun finds. That Anthropologie bed is my favorite. What a clever idea! Thanks for the festive inspiration!

  2. Beautiful holiday spirit and I am loving those little reindeer topiaries too!

  3. I like how the prize ribbons and star burst are framed behind that canopy bed too. Found you via Home Sweet Home party. For what it's worth-jeannie

  4. Your pictures are great. Wish we had nursery with the reindeer topiaries. I do have a question. Would you give me the name of the shop with the Juliska dishes. My friend just started buying them this year at Homegoods and she has not seen some of the pieces this shop has. She would like to call them. Thank you.

    1. How lucky of your friend to find Juliska at Homegoods! I've never seen it there. The dishes in the picture were at Bloomingdales. You can go here and click in the right hand bottom corner to find a local retailer, but Bloomies and Neiman Marcus sell Juliska nationally.

  5. Oh yes we do look at Christmas lights! They were so much fun to spot when the kids were little. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home and have a very Merry Christmas!


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