Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nespresso Maragogype

So This past weekend we went to the Nespresso shop to get some more of our favorite Arpeggio purple pods. On display however was some fancy box below:

Not knowing anything about the box and seduced purely by its packaging, I added this to our order. (Way to go Nespresso marketing!)
Then I heard to sales people all ooh and aah about how wonderful it was.
Apparently it's made from some super rare bean that's like twice the size as a normal coffee bean and produces very little fruit. They kept mumbling the name super fast. I still can't say the name.
Oops. We already paid for it. I had no idea how much it was. But I did know it was going to be more expensive as everyone drooled about it. Shopping 101 mistake, buying without a price.. Which turned out not to be a mistake at all!
I tried it this morning. My goodness, it is super duper good! While I can't say the name of them, my husband and I have dubbed these as the "nespresso magic beans."
They are really tasty. I finally looked up how much... $2 a pod instead of $0.70! Oh. I guess I better squander my one box away.
Here's nespressos info on the magic beans http://www.nespresso.com/us/en/product/maragogype-coffee
I recommend you go try these magic beans. They are very tasty. Sweet. Nice flavor. Still much cheaper than starbucks! Hope you enjoyed my review of the marogogype beans.
PS- it's pronounced mare-ah-go-jip-ay. And I did not get paid for this post... But I'll some accept Maragogype beans for my kind review, Nespresso! I

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