Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 1st Blogiversary!

You're invited to... My 1st Blogiversary party! 

Party invite from 
Now, Put on your party mask...
Marie Antoinette Party Favors
image source
And wear a fancy dress..
from the movie Marie Antoinette
So we can dine outside in a tent...
The pink and blue make for a perfect Marie party!  This will be my inspiration for the party.
image source
In front of a pretty building...
the Petit Trianon
And perhaps dine on a few French fine desserts...
these are from my wedding! seriously! 
And maybe eat a few macarons too...

Okay, and maybe these cute little bit size cupcakes...
cupcake toppers source 
 Enjoy some pretty decorations...
little cake topper source

Go for a little stroll...
Marie Antoinette's Hamlet
Then call it a night and take home a few party favors...
I started writing this blog as a form of stress-relief.  I can't believe it's already been 1 year!  I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of my readers! I really appreciate all of the comments you all leave me! I have long followed many blogs but had been internet-shy - hardly leaving a comment anywhere.  So, in honor of my blogivesary, stop lurking today and please leave a comment! Otherwise, you may continue to lurk... I know you're there!

I have always wanted to throw a Marie Antoinette themed party but have never been able to!  So I had a little fun today and pretended I were throwing one!  Maybe for my big 3-0 birthday next year?

For my blog's present, I would choose... an official Versailles candle! Yes, you can buy a candle that smells like *the* l'orangerie!  Here's the link!  How nice would it be to blog and smell of orange blossoms? Quite nice, I daresay.
cake image source 
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  1. Beautiful posting. I went to Versailles last fall. The photos provide the essence needed to feel you were there. I had my first macarons there. Thank you for this posting.

    1. Hi Fred, thanks for stopping by! I had fun pretending I was again at Versailles!

  2. Happy first anniversary. Beautiful cake!


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