Monday, July 14, 2014

Copycat Dole Whip with DIY Pineapple Party Cups!

In this Post - Copycat Dole Whip Recipe in a pineapple cup!
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I have TWO things to share with you today:
1. Easy DIY pineapple party cups
2. Copycat Dole Whip recipe (like Disneyland and Disneyworld!)
Copycat Dole Whip in a pineapple cup

Ok, first you start with your pineapple:
And then with some magic... 
Ok, so it's not really magic. But, there's a REALLY cool tool that let's you do this.
cool pineapple decorer tool
Look! It takes out ALL of the delicious fruit and leaves behind the core and outside! 
 Um. WHOA. I never liked buying pineapple before because it always made a HUGE mess to cut it up and it took quite some time.  
This took about 1 minute.  And you can see the big mess it left behind in the above pictures (nope, didn't clean the area for a pretty picture! there was no mess!)
So, here's where you can get this cool gadget: Pineapple De-Corer and Slicer OR get it HERE
And you're left with this hollow shell of a pineapple, which is perfect for... drinks!
Copycat dole whip recipe with DIY pineapple cup

Copycat Dole Whip Smoothie Recipe (adapted from Pinterest... couldn't find original owner)


1 whole fresh pineapple (or 2-3 cups frozen pineapple chunks)
1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp honey (optional)
ice (optional: would use for fresh pineapple if not doing the zoku method below)

  1. Add all ingredients into a blender. If doing the zoku method, omit the ice.   Enjoy! 
  2. If doing zoku method, pour contents into your zoku slushie cup. 
Get a Zoku Cup HERE. It is seriously THE BEST thing to happen to Summer. 
Oh PS. It makes the BEST root beer floats. They also come in pops.
 This pineapple party cup would be great for Hawaiian themed parties, tropical parties, luau parties! You could add multiple straws to it.  I used my fun silly straw and sat it around the core to make it stay in place.  You could always remove the core!
Isn't this just so cool? 
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  1. Wow! Where did you get that tool?...Christine

    1. I got mine at Williams Sonoma. I've seen them at Macy's. Or you can get one here:

  2. It was 102 here yesterday. Those look really good!

    1. It is really refreshing when it's hot outside!

  3. The kids would love that! Thanks for sharing!


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