Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker's New Shoes!

Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe line - exclusively at Nordstrom

I spotted SJP's brand new shoe line that debuted less than 1 week ago at Nordstrom's yesterday.

Sarah Jessica Parker (or her agent) was smart to come out with a shoe line, as she will always be associated with fabulous shoes thanks to her Sex and the City character, Carrie.

Her shoes run from $200-$400.  Other reviewers are calling them "affordable".  I don't think a $200 is considered affordable, but it definitely cheaper than a pair of Manolo's.

I've included pictures of my favorite shoes.  Most of her shoes have a greater than a 3" heel.

The "Carrie"

 I think this shoe is perfect for weddings:

 This shoe I love for formal events:
The only flat shoe I thought was remotely cute. I tried it on.  It was uncomfortable for my foot. Not impressed with it.

As cute as her heeled shoes are, they aren't for me.  However, I think that she has a really nice selection and will probably be successful in her endeavor.  To get me more interested, she would have to include more flats.  Then again, the designer, who is 5 foot tall, probably isn't all that interested in flat shoes anyway.   

For more information, check out Nordstrom's. Here's a link.

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