Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 'Round Up

I took this picture at a ranch I went to 2 years ago.

A look at all of my Halloween and Fall themed posts!

Steiff Scary Cat and Pumpkin Bear Halloween vignette

My Early Fall Tablescape...
My Early Fall Tablescape!
 Owl Tablescape for Fall!
Owl Tablescape for Fall!
 Juliska Pumpkin Vignette! 
I'll be sad when I have to put away these plates
My velvet pumpkins!  

Roger's Gardens... great for Halloween ideas!

The LARGEST and BEST pumpkin festival you will EVER see!! Located in Germany!

Halloween at Disneyland

A Fall themed doorway

Clapsaddle Hallowe'en postcards
 My Halloween tablescape!

Halloween is a Hoot!

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween and Fall blog posts! I enjoyed sharing them with everyone!  I have also enjoyed visiting many other blogs and seeing all of the great ideas out there!  Keep on bloggin'!

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Clapsaddle Hallowe'en

A very Clapsaddle Hallowe'en

Have you ever seen this picture before?

What about this one?

I'm sure you have seen pictures like this as they are reproduced in countless stores across the country.  What is so significant about these images?

They are Clapsaddle postcards!  Ever heard of that?  No?  Well I'm about to tell you!

Ellen Clapsaddle was an American illustrated and the most prolific postcard and greeting card artist of her time (and I daresay, ever?).  She was born in 1865 in New York.  She was always good at painting and illustrating, and in her free time sent her work to NYC publishers.

Her work was very popular and she quickly became known for her illustrations.  She was hired in 1906 by the Wolf Company.  Her postcards were made from 1898 to 1915.  She created over 3,000 designs during this time.

Her work to this day remains popular.  Her cards are mainly centered around holidays.  Her Halloween cards are her most popular.  In mint condition they can sell for $100  Let's take a look at some of them and see why!

I like how Mr. Wise Owl wants to know who's giving the greeting

Of course I'm a sucker for cats.

Remember, Zeppelins were very high-tech back then!

A very cute little kid

I do like this one a lot

A very large pumpkin, big enough to sit in!

This one I think is kind of funny

love this one!

Another pretty famous image of hers

I don't know what the letters in the pumpkin mean?

This is one of my favorites

As is this one. Both include a witch, a cat, and a pumpkin!

Aren't these postcards CUTE?!  Hard to believe they are 100 years old or older!!  Notice on all of them they are identified by her signature, Ellen H. Clapsaddle.  That's the easiest way to identify her postcards if you are unable to recognize them by her style.

She has many many more designs, too many to feature!

What I like for these as Halloween decorating is that 1. they are antique.  2.  They are unique.  (rhymes!) and 3. they aren't "scary" or Halloween grotesque.

You can search for Clapsaddle postcards on eBay.

I love this Clapsaddle wreath:  I saw it at Roger's Gardens but found it online here too.

Large Halloween Die Cut Wreath
Hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by!!
Make sure you check out my other Fall posts!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween at Disneyland!

Halloween at Disneyland!

Every year Disneyland is decorated for HalloweenTime!  It starts September 13-October 31.  I love going to the parks during this time of year and it is very festive!

Disney pumpkins greet you at the entrance

I like Minnie's bow of leaves


the large town square pumpkin that lights up at night
even the plants are ready for Autumn!
They have pumpkins all over Main Street that light up at night!

Every year the Haunted Mansion gets a special Halloween-Christmas overlay themed to the movie, the Nightmare before Christmas.  Each year they feature a special gingerbread house in the ghost dining room.
The Haunted Mansion
 Out in the back of the park, behind Big Thunder Mountain, is the round-up.  It is very nicely themed and a nice quite area of the park.

vintage postcard

How cute is this buggy?
 They even have a special petting zoo.

a vintage Clapsaddle postcard sized to a poster

This greets you on your way in/out of Mickey's Parking Lot

I like how the pumpkins above the Mad Hatter shop are wearing hats!

In front of the Mexican restaurant, it is decorated for Dia de los Muertos

More day of the dead theme

Pocahontas, the donkey!

The cute area behind Big Thunder Mountain

Even themed inside the cabin!

Another cute buggy set up

Aside from the decorations, Space Mountain receives its Ghost Galaxy overlay (they just change the music and the lighting).  You can purchase special tickets for their Halloween party and go trick-or-treating in costume in the parks here. If I had a kid I think I would go trick-or-treating here as it provides a safe-environment with poison free candy (unless of course the Evil Witch from Snow White gives you something!)  j/k about the poison free candy part, pretty sure that's an old wives tale.

They also have special limited-time food offerings that involve pumpkin. 
I highly recommend going if you are in the area!