Outdoor French Bistro Style for Less

Based on my reader survey, a lot of you wanted some more decor and room boards.  So, here ya go! Also, a lot of you wanted a Facebook page for my blog, so I made one!  You can follow my *new* FACEBOOK page here!   See readers? You ask, I deliver! I also sent out a monthly newsletter like many said they wanted as well, hope you enjoyed it!

I saw this French bistro outdoor dining set and loved it!  I am on the look out for French outdoor tables and chairs since we are building a French Farmhouse.  For my outdoor furniture, I was debating between French farm table vs French bistro table.   As I have the French farmhouse table as my main dining table already, I was leaning towards the French bistro look outside.
French Bistro Outdoor Style

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Afternoon everybody!  Bonus post today... a Mother's Day Gift Guide!! Mother's Day kind of snuck up on my this year... didn't realize it until today that it is next weekend. While shopping for something for my Mom, I saved some cute things I saw and am sharing them with you!

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Peonies & Orange Blossoms
Row 1, left to right: 

Row 2, left to right: 

Row 3, left to right
Row 4, left to right:

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Inside Prince William and Kate's Kensington Palace Apartment

Just within the past few weeks, we got a first peek into Prince William and Kate's Kensington Palace apartment 1A!!   The reason we were able to sneak a peek into the apartment was because they were hosting the POTUS.  But, let's not focus on the faces in these pictures.  Let's look at the furniture and decor!

At immediate glance in the room, I'm noticing a muted color palette of pinks, blues, and creams.  I totally love this.  The oil paintings in the back of the room are marvelous, although, don't you think the one on the left is hanging up a bit too high?  The antique oils are from the Royal Collection.