Friday, September 23, 2016

Swiss Recap, Emmys, and more - Five on Friday!

Back from Switzerland!
Yes, I am BACK from my trip to Switzerland. We also went to Germany, Austria, *AND* I added a new country to my country list... Liechtenstein!  I am sharing a few pictures from the trip with you all, I have also shared some on my Instagram if you follow along there too.  

The country of Switzerland was beautiful and we were blessed with beautiful weather! It was forecasted to rain every day we were there but instead it was sunny and in the 80s and we were hot!  It was apparently the hottest September in 100 years there!
Below is the city of Lucerne!  
Lucerne, Switzerland
 Below is a picture from one of the hikes we went on! Isn't it amazing?
Hiking above Murren in Switzerland
 There were cows on the hiking trails! Some of them would stand in the way and you'd have to wait until they moved! All of the cows had bells on them... it was awfully cute hiking through the Alps hearing the jingle of the bells! 
Swiss cows on our hike in Switzerland
One day we went to the top of one of the mountains in Switzerland!  This is the view we were treated to... a glacier! It is the longest glacier in the Alps! 
Aletsch glacier
I will be doing separate posts on the trip later... but I have so much I want to share for Fall it will probably be a few months, to be honest! 

 Emmy Favorites
The Emmy's were this past weekend, and while I didn't watch the awards show, I did look at celebs wearing beautiful dresses! Here are my favorite looks from this year....

Favorite Instagrams

So when we were in Germany, we went to a grocery store and I found this to-go Starbucks Caramel Macchiato! It had a little straw on the left and you poke a hole in the top and voila! Instant caramel macchiato! I thought it was pretty awesome and wish we had some of these here in the USA! Have you ever seen them before?

Before I left for Europe, I went to the mall to find some clothes for the trip.  I spotted these items but didn't buy them because they didn't fit in my suitcase! BUT they are still on my wish list! 

Honeycomb Wool Sweater... isn't this wonderful??

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pumpkin Decor & Recipes - Thursday Favorite Things

I'm BACK from vacation and am so excited to share features from last week's party... it's pumpkin themed features for me!!  I have this week's link party link as well which is at the bottom of this post!  
Pumpkin Decor and Recipes from Thursday Favorite Things

Simply Stacie shared a recipe for chocolate pumpkin cheesecake that sounds and looks AMAZING.
Sugar and Succulents shared this super easy DIY Pumpkin planter! Isn't it cute?
 The Ornate Splendor shared her embellished pumpkins for Autumn. Aren't they fabulous?

The Seaman Mom shared this recipe for Pumpkin Cake which sounds super tasty!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Velvet Corn

I *love* decorating with velvet pumpkins for Fall!  They are really quite photogenic and I love the beautiful jewel tone colors that they come in!  This year I was super excited to discover velvet corn! 
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
Creating this Fall vignette was a little bit of an accident.  You see, I had an orchid in this old stone vase with Spanish moss and it died. So I was changing around my decor to find something to put in the vase when I noticed that the pumpkins looked pretty cute sitting next to the vase. So, I grabbed a few more and voila! 
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
You could easily recreate this look at home. Simply find an old vase, arrange your velvet pumpkins, and add a little bit of Spanish moss. It goes well with the orange of the pumpkin!
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
 I love the real dried stems on the pumpkins! I tried to pick the pumpkins with stems that were a little whimsical.  I also love the new corn with the Swarovski crystal kernels!  You can get the corn here and here.  I think it goes well with the pumpkins! 
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
I still remember the first time I saw velvet pumpkins... they were in a little shop in Portland, Oregon in 2008.  I thought, wow, this is special! I didn't know many years later they would be at Neiman Marcus!  You see, Hot Skwash is from Tigard, OR and I think the little shop was her first dealer.  Then it seemed came along Love Feast Shop online that is so popular with bloggers.  I don't know if they are the same company or not? They are very similar to each other.   Although, I noticed the Love Feast shop doesn't have velvet corn, so it makes me think they are different.  But they do both have velvet pumpkins, mushrooms, and acorns.   
Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins and Corn for Fall
As you can see, I have quite a few pumpkins but they are all really little.  The smaller ones are a lot cheaper than the large ones! Do you have any velvet pumpkins?  

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

I feel like I must be one of the last bloggers to make my own Fall wreath.  You see, I'm not super crafty.  But when my cheap-o one from last year fell apart, I started on my hunt for a new wreath.  I just could not find one that I liked in my price range.

So, I headed off to Hobby Lobby with coupons in my purse and started picking out faux branches.  I already had burlap ribbon at home plus I've had the Mackenzie Child ribbon for several years and hadn't quite found the perfect project for it... until now! 
DIY Fall Wreath tutorial with fall leaves, pumpkins, burlap, and Mackenzie Childs ribbon

Here are all of the materials I used:
1 grapevine wreath
Fall leave sprigs (enough to go around the wreath)
Fall gourds
Burlap ribbon
Wire and Wire Cutters

When I started, I just picked one spot and started to place the leaf sprigs into the wreath. I secured it by wrapping the wire around it.
Then I added the gourds and other Fall sprigs around the wreath until I liked it.

Next came the hard part: making the bow. I struggled making this bow.  I searched for a good tutorial and this one by Susie Harris is the one I ended up following.  My Mom and I both made it together... you needed about four hands to hold it all!  We secured the Mackenzie Childs ribbon on top with hot glue.
And Voila! Here is the finished project! I think it looks pretty nice! I like it better than anything I saw in the stores and I especially love the black and white courtly check ribbon!  I wish I had bought the 2" Mackenzie Child ribbon too! I used the 1" ribbon.
Here is my image for pinning!!
DIY Fall Wreath tutorial with fall leaves, gourds, pumpkins, burlap, and Mackenzie Childs ribbon

I have been busy pinning away on my Fall Pinterest board. 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Oktoberfest Ideas - Five on Friday

Five on Friday - Oktoberfest Edition!!!
The Oktoberfest starts tomorrow in Germany and I have rounded up my Oktoberfest posts from previous years'!!  

Germany Pretzel Recipe
This is an authentic German pretzel recipe that I translated from German.  The only different thing about this pretzel recipe is that the pretzels are dipped in a baking soda bath instead of a lye bath.  They are really quite tasty!
Authentic German Pretzel Recipe

Traditional Apple Strudel
What would an Oktoberfest party be without apple strudel??  This apple strudel recipe is really pretty easy to make as you use puff pastry as the dough instead of making a handmade dough.  You can't tell the difference! 
Traditional apple strudel recipe perfect for Oktoberfest

What to Wear to the Oktoberfest!
I have put together a guide on what to wear to the Oktoberfest... from traditional lederhosen and dirndls to Americanized versions.  
A guide to buying dirndls and what to wear to the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Party Ideas
If you are going to host your own Oktoberfest party at home, here is an Oktoberfest party guide of things you should have at your party complete with food suggestions!

Oktoberfest Party Ideas and Guide

Oktoberfest Party Table
I made this Oktoberfest party table last year and it was a hit! I printed off cutouts of Lebkuchen (the gingerbread hearts) and had them dangle from the chandelier.
Oktoberfest Table
 And guess what, I'm in Germany as we speak, just missing the Oktoberfest. Auf Wiedersehen!